Sunday, November 28, 2004

Dear Santa,

Hi. I know I haven't talked to you for a few years - like 23 of them or so - but there is something I'd really, really like for Christmas this year, so I thought I'd give you a shot. I think I've been a pretty good girl this year. I haven't killed any of my kids. I send 'em to school on a regular basis. I feed 'em at least ten or twelve times a week. I give them hugs and kisses. What more could you ask out of a mommy?

So anyway, Santa, this is what I would like for Christmas this year: a Zoombot Robotic Smart Vacuum. It's under $100 (including shipping!) at! It sure would help out with keeping the house clean. These kids are always making messes on the floor!

If you need to see what it looks like, here is a picture:

There are other products out there that are similar. I haven't looked them all up to compare them. So if you find one you think is a better deal, that'd be ok too.

Anyway, thanks, Santa, for reading my letter. I hope you and the Mrs. are doing well.