Saturday, October 23, 2004

The big three-oh

So I'm thirty today. Three. Oh. Thirty. I started thinking about how I've changed in the last decade. This is a shorter version of the list that I came up with:

* I learned that I am human being, worthy of respect and sometimes even spoiling.
* I learned that I am an intelligent person, and what I have to contribute is worthwhile.
* I learned that my family loves me, and that they will stand behind me even when I make bad decisions.
* I learned that I may not be perfect, but that's ok. Nobody else is either.
* I learned that sometimes, the best person to keep me company is me.
* I learned that happiness is not based on circumstances alone; I have a choice in the matter.
* I learned that love is worth the heartache and wait.
* I learned that good communication with a significant other is vital.
* I learned that it's always easier to deal with what life throws you when you have good friends and family.
* I learned that it is ok to share your burden, just so long as you pick up someone else's when you are able.