Thursday, September 30, 2004

Too much negativity on the page

I really have nothing of importance to write about today...but I decided to write SOMETHING just because my last post was so negative. It was a sucky day, but life has gone on since then. LOL

I've only seen a few ants today. Three or four. The entire kitchen has been wiped down with vinegar water, in the hopes that the ants' scent trails will be wiped away, and they won't come back. Someone recommended I pull out the dishwasher and make sure there aren't more underneath, but I can't figure out how to get it out. I'll have to enlist Tai's help tonight or tomorrow, I think.

I found gallon size sterelite containers at the dollar store, and I bought all they had. This is to put the cereal in, so ants won't get in it. I wish they would have had more, but I could only lay my paws on four of them. Oh well.

I finally saw my parents' new wood floor in their foyer. Dad showed up on Yahoo Messenger today and turned on the webcam so I could see it. It looks terrific! I think the kitchen would look great with a wood floor, too, but Mom tells me that the floor is too uneven for that. :(

I guess Dad is driving up to NY to pick up his parents and take them back to IL for a visit. It's too difficult, anymore, for them to travel by themselves. Grandma has some major vision problems, and Grandpa has hearing problems. Other than that, they're quite spry. All in all, I'd say they've fared well for being around the better part of a century.

I guess I'm probably rambling. I think I'll go run the vacuum, and see what I can do about the oil streak across my carpet. (Perrin drug his back-tire-less bicycle through the living room, leaving his chain to drag on the almost-white carpet. Ugh!)