Wednesday, September 29, 2004

The Really Crappy Day

Yesterday was not my favorite day this year. In fact, it ranked about as far down on the list of days this year as it could get. Not that anything extraordinarily bad happened - it was just a bunch of little stuff that added up.

I woke up with one HELL of a headache an hour and a half after my alarm went off. Oops. All three kids were still asleep, too - I'd forgotten to set their alarm clock the night before. So I had less than half an hour to get all three of them dressed, fed breakfast, and get their teeth brushed, find their raincoats, and get them to the bus stop. Plus find and pack the boys' homework folders and snacks in their backpacks. This is no small order on an ordinary day, and yesterday my head was POUNDING.

Ok, got all the kids up, told 'em to get dressed, got dressed myself, and ran downstairs to discover...ants crawling ALL OVER my kitchen. Again. This time, they weren't just all over my windowsills & cabinet, either. They were Salsa dancing in my sink. Doing the Macerena on my microwave. Square dancing on my stove. Disco dancing in and out of my dishwasher. Doing the Foxtrot on the floor. Doing the Rhumba on my refrigerator. Doing the Watusi on my walls. Doing the Cancan on my counters. Eeeeeewww!

I managed to wade through the ants to get the kids their cereal. Got them dressed. Got their backpacks packed. Got the boys' shoes on. And then couldn't find Darcy's shoes to save my life. Aaaagh! Finally found a pair of sandals that would do the trick and got everyone to the bus stop. Before the bus, even. Yay! Got the boys on the bus and headed home.

I found the liquid bait for the ants, and started placing it all over my kitchen. But it didn't look like they were here for food. I think they just came in out of the rain, because the CAKE that was sitting on the counter hadn't been touched by any of the ants. They were walking around the bait, too. Nooooo!!!

Then I got the hiccups. They weren't just little bitty spasms, either. These were the kind that made me go "Eeyeuch!" loudly enough for the neighbors to hear. And they hurt. And I had them for over an hour, until someone I was talking with online suggested I try a spoonful of peanutbutter. It worked!

This person also suggested I sprinkle cinnamon all over the cabinets, etc, where the ants were. I did, and the ants DID avoid it like the plague. The cinnamon is still there, and there are a LOT less ants today. Yay! (Thanks Xyn!) I'm not sure if it's simply something they avoid, or if it is something that will kill them, but hey...either way, if they're not in my house, I'll be happy. :)

The rest of the morning was uneventful. I took a variety of headache medicines to try to get rid of my headache from HELL, and nothing worked. I fed Darcy lunch, and we both laid down for a nap. Half an hour into it, Perrin's teacher called and woke me up to discuss Perrin's lunches. The last couple of school days, he'd come home telling me his teacher didn't let him eat lunch. She, of course, said that wasn't true, and did a little detective work. He's been chatting at lunch, and when the bell rings, he hasn't eaten much, but it's time to go back to class. So the lunch ladies take away his tray. Aha! This explains it. But it also wakes me up from my nap, and I can't get back to sleep.

Most of the rest of the day is uneventful, really. Two more episodes of the hiccups, and the headache from HELL stuck around, but that's about it. Tai got home at 6PM Tuesday, after leaving for work at 5AM Monday. He was exhausted, of course, and fell asleep on the couch after dinner. I cuddled up with him and nursed my aching head, while the kids went downstairs to play, or watch tv, or take over the world...really not sure, I was pretty oblivious.

And that was probably my yuckiest day this year. Except maybe for that period of time that I had the ear infection...

Oh, and guess what? I woke up this morning with the SAME headache from HELL. *runs off to cry in the corner*