Saturday, September 11, 2004

A productive day...

Wow. What a day. This morning, we walked the two younger kids over to the junior high track with their new scooters, and Perrin took his bike. That child biked probably over a mile - without falling down. Not bad at all for never having been on a bicycle before last Saturday! Darcy is getting the hang of her new scooter - she made it almost a quarter of a mile before deciding she was finished.

Nothing makes you feel like a real grown up like having a yard of your own to take care of. All of this mowing, weed whacking, weed pulling,, what a new experience! The lawn does look much better.

Also washed off the front porch and committed a couple of different kinds of genocide (is that the right word?). Tai burned spider egg sacks, and I put ant baits in the garden.

I'd say it was a productive day.