Monday, September 20, 2004


If you were my now four-year-old daughter, and your nose was runny, you would say you had the "snipples." If you had an upset stomach, you would say you had a "bellybutton ache." If your head hurt, you would have a "head egg." If you wanted waffles for lunch, you would say, "Mommy, can you make me wopples for yunch?" You would put shoes on your "peet". Oh, and everything would be preceeded by "weal, weal, weal". "I have the weal, weal, weal, snipples!" And if you wanted to see something, you would say, "Mem me see!" But you would also be doing an excellent job of putting an R sound in words. "Geen" has become "green". "Ty" has become "try". "Q ahh S T U V" has become "Q ~R~ S T U V". And "consentate" has become "concentrate" - as in, "Mom, be kiet. I'm doing my homewook. I'm trying to concentrate!" My lil one is growing up so fast. And it's only been a year.