Monday, September 20, 2004

Battle of the Ants - part 2

When Ivan came to visit, he brought other little guests. Guests that are refusing to leave. Yes, he brought ants with him. I guess they decided to come in out of the storm. At least this time they aren't in my kitchen. They're hanging out in the foyer - right by the door. They don't seem to be interested in moving any further in, thank God. Once again, I'm giving them a good supply of Revenge (ant bait), but so far, it hasn't killed off the colony. It must be a BIG colony, let me tell ya.

It's another beautiful day. I'm sitting outside on the deck, listening to the birds and watching the squirrels. Right now, there is a big blue jay squawking in the tree right off the deck. He's very pretty. We've got a few baby squirrels living in a tree just behind my neighbor's house...they're a lot of fun to watch as they learn to jump from tree to tree. This is something we didn't get in apartment living - there was no wildlife. Here, we've a small wooded area between our building and the one behind ours. It's only four or five trees deep, but it's enough. It's also an excellent place for the kids to play - just deep enough that they can feel hidden, but not so deep that they will get lost.

Unfortunately, with all of the trees, cute furry squirrels, and pretty birds come bugs. Lots and lots of bugs. We've had at least two different kinds of praying mantis, many varieties of spiders, katydids, crickets, dragon flies, and of course, the ants. Oh, and lets not forget the slugs - not that they are bugs, but they're in the "ick" category. LOL

Bugs or not, I'm happy here. It's very peaceful, sitting here on the deck, listening to the bugs & birds, watching the squirrels... So quiet during the day while everyone is at work or school! It livens up in the evenings - all of the kids are outside playing with one another. Then it's quiet again at night. I can deal with this.