Friday, August 13, 2004

Today is the day

Today I will add another letter to my name. I'll go from Ms. to Mrs. :) (Other than that, my name will stay the same, because I took my former married name back rather than my maiden name when I got divorced last time.) Today I will marry The Love of My Life. As my mother put it, I had Tai's name imprinted on my forehead as a teenager. It might have faded a bit for a while, but it's always been there. Today I will marry the man I've been "gaga" over, as someone else put it, since I was 14 years old.

I figure it bodes well that we'll be married today - Friday the 13th, while we are hit with whatever is left of tropical storm Bonnie. :) If rain on a wedding day is lucky, imagine what luck a tropical storm is!

I woke this morning, checked my email, and got onto Yahoo Messenger, and guess what? At least SIX people had sent me a message wishing me good luck and/or a happy wedding day. All this before I even said to myself that today was the day! :)

I have a house to clean, gotta get showered, gotta get the kids what am I doing? Blogging! Bye bye...

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