Sunday, August 15, 2004

Call for help...

I've been thinking...with as much as I'm on the computer, surely there is a way for me to spend my time online earning some sort of income. I haven't a clue what sort of business I could run, or what sort of service I could provide, but surely there is something out there that could work. Does anyone have any suggestions?


April Dawn said... you get five bucks in the mail every time you do a survey. I've gotten 30 or 40 this year.

Angela said...

I was actually thinking the same thing. I THINK I've come up with a little project that I can run from home and hopefully make a buck or two. It's still being worked on but I'll let you know when it's up and running. The only way I could really think about making money online was through advertising. So I'm trying to work on a site that would generate lots of traffic and in turn bring in some revenue through ads. Some people even have ads on their blogs. They must get lots of visitors though. I'm not quite there yet. LOL

Anonymous said...

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