Thursday, February 26, 2004

Wish Lenny & Squiggy luck!

Well...I finally did it. After I cleaned out the gerbils' cage, I moved it to the living room. They've been living in the relative safety of our bedroom for the last week and a half. I'm hoping their novelty has worn off, and the kids will be happy to let them be - alone - in their cage. Honestly, tho, I am picturing kids running around the house trying to catch the gerbil they've just set free...and stepping on him in the process. Or maybe the poor gerbil ending up in a neighbor's mousetrap... Regardless, my imagination is running wild with pictures of horrific events. Alternatively, I can see strange objects ending up in the gerbils' cage - I mean, what gerbil wouldn't want a little boy's big brother's Gameboy to play with, right? Or maybe a lovely baseball to chew on? Perhaps a Barbie to keep him company? Ya know, I think I'd better go check on the gerbils now...

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