Thursday, February 26, 2004

Oh what a pleasant morning

I woke up this morning to the beautiful sound of children screaming at one another. This isn't a rare occurrance around here, though I wish it were. Due to their background, P and D don't always handle their emotions well - P in particular. He can be such an angry little boy! And D? Let's put it this way. Her bio mom took the time to teach her how to throw a proper fit.

For the most part, D's fits aren't so bad anymore. They used to be fairly frequent, say, at least once an hour. And they would last a minimum of 20 minutes. Now, generally, if we tell her that she'll be throwing her fit in her bed if she doesn't stop right now, she decides on a different way of expressing her displeasure. And they aren't as frequent, either...just a couple a day. She's realizing that fits will not get her her way anymore. That's happy news.

P, on the other hand, just can't seem to handle everything that is going on in his little head. The smallest of things can set him off. He has no problem screaming, "I hate you!" at the top of his voice for the smallest infraction. He'll slap, punch, kick, or otherwise do bodily harm to whomever happens to be in his way at the time. And it doesn't matter if it happens in public or private - he just doesn't care. He's becoming a miniature sociopath, I think. No matter how many times we tell him that he is a good kid, and no matter how much we tell him we love him, he just refuses to believe it. Too much exposure to people telling him he was worthless before, I think. We finally have an appointment for him with a psychologist (or was it a psychiatrist?) for next month. I hope (s)he can give us some insight. It's possible that this isn't all learned behavior - several people on bio mom's side of the family are bi-polar. I wonder if that can be diagnosed at the age of 5?

On a different topic, if you haven't yet, please ~TAKE ACTION~ against government sponsored discrimination against GLBT individuals. No matter what your personal views are on homosexuality, consider this: it wasn't so very long ago that it was women who were discriminated against. It wasn't so very long ago that it was people of other skin colors. We realized the error of our thinking and made laws to END discrimination in these areas. Amending the Constitution to include discrimination is WRONG. Period.

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