Friday, May 05, 2006

Sometimes I think I'm an idiot...

And sometimes I know for sure. Today? I know for sure!

See, a while back, I bought the nifty clippers that are in this picture:

They're great - ya just pull a trigger while pushing a button, and, poof! The grass gets cut. Our yard is so small that this is much more practical than a weed whacker.

If you're coordinated anyway.

Unfortunately, I'm NOT so coordinated. Today, I tried to cut my thumb off. It hurt like a bitch. Thankfully, I got it with the side of the clippers, so I only got a blade from one side. It cut into my thumbnail pretty good, and there was copious amounts of blood all over my thumb, but other than that, no serious damage. I may end up losing the nail - it cut about 3/4 of the width of my nail - but alltold, I think I was pretty lucky.