Wednesday, January 12, 2005

If there was ever any wonder, now you'll KNOW why I love my husband.

Last night, in bed, my husband and I had this conversation.

Tai: Why do giraffes have knobs on their heads?
Me: Uhm, I have no idea. And they're not giraffes. They're grrraffees.
Tai: Grrraffees. Got it. It's not like they grow into horns. They don't root around in the ground for bugs, or roll logs over so they can eat the bugs and snails and slugs and other gross stuff.
Me: True.
Tai: I think they're handles for gnomes. Gnomes ride grraffees.
Me: Oh. That must be it!
Tai: Or buttplugs.
Me: That's a possibility.

A little later...

Me: My tummy is a little upset. Don't be surprised if I fart tonight. A lot.
Tai: I have one thing to say about that. Buttplug!
Me: I don't see any grraffees.
Tai: But I know where I can get some.
Me: Oh?
Tai: Getting them in the car will be the trick, though.
Me: I guess it's a good thing you got that sunroof, huh?
Tai: Yeah! So I'll just put 'em in sideways. Their legs can go out the doors, heads will go out the problem! I'm pretty sure I could get two in the car that way.
Me: There is NO way you could fit two giraffes in the car. No way!
Tai: There's only one way to settle this.
Me: Uh oh.
Tai: I've gotta call Honda and ask them, straight away!!