Monday, June 28, 2004

The Happy Sounds of Childhood

You know those happy sounds...laughter, giggling, excited chatter, and the one that doesn't have a name...but is akin to a demon giving birth. Oh, wait, maybe other people's kids don't make that sound. LOL

Anyway, D has learned how to fake-laugh. Most kids, when they learn how to do this, do the little "haha haha" thing. Not D. She gives us a full wholehearted belly laugh when she does it. She is soooooooo funny. She'll throw her head way back, then come foreward to slap her hands on her knees, tossing out the occasional, "You're killing me, here!" She can go on and on for what seems like hours, but is probably only minutes. It's an infectious kind of laughter. You can't help but listen to her and laugh yourself - only yours won't be fake at all. And since you start laughing, that will get her to laughing for real. How can you not laugh at a three-year-old who is laughing and saying, "You're killing me!"?

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Anonymous said...

That's cute:) I hope I get to hear that soon. My cousin's kid cracks me up like that. He gets all wrapped up in his nintendo & starts going 'You wanna piece of me?!' HA! It's a riot. Kids really do say the darndest things, I guess. Hug the hobbits for me.