Thursday, March 18, 2004

World War III & Strange Dreams

It has become painfully obvious that WWIII and the second Great Flood are simultaneously occurring within my digestive system. Perhaps during a hurricane. Or a maybe typhoon. I have no fever, and for the most part, my hair doesn't hurt. So maybe it's not the flu. Maybe it is food poisoning or something. But I can't think of anything that I've eaten that the rest of the family hasn't had. Oh well. I'll probably survive this. And if not, I'll be dead, so I won't care.

On a different note, I've been having some really strange dreams lately. The most recent ones I can remember are these:

Tai and I are staying in the bedroom of my childhood - where it is still decorated as such, and not like a guest room as it is currently. We're just laying there, when suddenly, he says, "Let's do it on the roof!"

I'm laying down for a nap, right here in the apartment we live in now. I have a gerbil ball between my ankles...under the covers. The entire cast of Who's Line is it, Anyway? is playing hide and seek with the gerbil ball.

Tai thinks the last one is easy to figure out. He swears it's because I want to get Wayne between my legs. I think it's because we were watching the show right before bed, and had been searching for the missing gerbil ball all day. ;o)

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