Sunday, June 07, 2009

Every-other-weekend-parenting has its advantages

Ok, so I know I complained about becoming a part-time mom in my last post. But there is one distinct advantage. When I ask Alex to do something, like help me with the dishes or take the garbage out, he says, "Sure." Then he gets up and does it.

This is a big change from chore time before. It took hours, and sometimes days, to get him to do his chores - and even then, he did them half-assed. But here, he hops right up and helps me do whatever it is that needs done. The longest I've had to wait is a minute or two while he finishes up something he's involved in.

It's also much easier for me to say, "Yes" when he wants something. This is mainly because there is only one kiddo involved and not three. "Hey, can we go get ice cream?" "Sure." Much easier to come up with three bucks on the spur of the moment than ten or fifteen.

Maybe it's just because he's becoming a young man. Maybe it's just because in front of his brother and sister, he feels he has to show off. Maybe it's just because there aren't two other kids here pulling my attention away from him. Whatever the reason, I am enjoying it!

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