Tuesday, October 28, 2008


So it's been a while, huh? Sorry about that. Been a bit busy lately.

Tai lost his job at the beginning of October. He wasn't exactly given a straight reason, and it totally bummed him out. He applied for unemployment; not knowing why he was fired, he wasn't entirely sure whether he'd qualify. The notice finally came today - he does qualify, and the reason they let him go was because they didn't have sufficient resources to keep him on. *I* knew it wasn't anything he did, but he sure had some doubts.

In other news, shortly after he was fired, he finally went to the doctor to address the depression he's been having for, oh, about a year and a half. (About damn time!!) They put him on Lexapro, and it does seem to be helping. He's had some weird side effects - his teeth sometimes feel like rocks, his jaws get tired, he has some mild hallucinations, and once in a while his throat feels tight. They're going away slowly, and with any luck, they'll disappear completely. He feels a little antsy, but I think that's subsiding, too. He has more energy, though, and is able to find the motivation to do more. Always helpful! He doesn't seem like a Gloomy Gus all the time, either. I'm hopeful the last of the side effects will die away quickly and he'll soon be back to his old self.

Meanwhile, I've made a couple of friends. I know, total shocker, eh? Seriously, though, I haven't made any new friends (that I didn't marry) basically since high school. Ok, there was one couple that Zach (my ex) and I hung out with when we lived in Normal, but after college (which was late for me, remember), we kinda went our separate ways. Don't get me wrong - if they were to show up at my door, they would be welcomed with open arms! But we haven't really stayed in touch. Anyway, back to the original topic of the paragraph. LOL. There are a couple of women at work that I really like. They're a lot of fun. Very easy going, are fairly like-minded when it comes to client care. I have more in common with one of them than the other, but it's all good. It's kinda nice to have a couple of girls to hang out with once in a while!

And hang out we did - over the weekend. We celebrated my birthday and got blitzed. It was fun. Nothing like partying like you're turning 21 when you're turning 34! Ok, we got drunk, but it wasn't exactly like the parties I remember from that age. Everyone kept their clothes on. LOL.

In other news, I applied for a job in September. I had an interview earlier this month. I'm still waiting to hear if I made it into round two of the interviews. If I had to guess, I'd say no. I mean, really...when the interviewer says, "Describe your communication skills." and my response is, "They're good, I guess. I mean, I'm an open person and it shows." One can safely bet I'm not on their top 10 list. Ha! Total suckage, because I really, really, really want the job. I did have some really good answers to the other questions, though. Maybe they'll be my saving grace. Then again, maybe not. Who knows?

I've fully switched houses at work. I'm now working 40+ hours at the same group home. The one that has three profoundly retarded adults, plus two fairly high functioning ones. I absolutely adore this house and all of the residents. Of course, I liked all of them at the other house, too. But these guys are a LOT of fun. There's nothing quite like getting paid to play catch with Nerf balls. Yay!

I never see my children. I ask Darcy every time I see her if she's 16 yet. (She's 8.) She's telling her teachers that we beat her. It's great. I'm assuming it's because she thinks we don't give her enough attention. Alex is almost as tall as I am these days. Probably not too far off in weight either. Not much I can do about it. He is almost 14 after all. And he's got girls calling him in the middle of the night!! When the hell did this happen? Perrin, 10, is doing great - he's behaving well at school, and the concern I had about him adjusting to middle school seems to have been misplaced.

Tai's mom flew into town today. Her brother died over the weekend. She and Tai drove up to Chicago tonight to make arrangements. We're not sure when they'll be back. I do know that she's decided NOT to tell her mother about her brother's death. Nothing like keeping something like THAT from a person. What the hell? She finally admitted to Tai that his father has lymphoma and is starting chemo in a couple of weeks. She's known for months. She told my ex-husband about it, in fact. She just didn't want to tell Tai because she didn't want him to tell his aunt or grandmother. I tell ya, this woman...*shakes head*

Ok. I'm off to dye my hair. It's time! How's things in YOUR part of the world?


kate said...

I've still got my fingers crossed for you! And hopefully Tai too will find something soon. Glad you're having fun at work and making friends.

E said...

I hope Tai finds a new job soon but thankfully he knows now it was nothing he did to lose the last one. Yeah for you getting out there and having fun we all need it! Wow we've yet to have girls call our house in the middle of the night thank god, but I'm sure the time will be here before I know it. My 14 year old is a later bloomer when it comes to that stuff so I thinkw e have some time!

Mindi said...

Ugh, sorry about Tai's job, but you know you're not alone! What is it about secrets in families? My husband's cousin committed suicide several years ago while his mom was in the hospital. Nobody told her how he died. She still doesn't know. I just think that's wrong. I'd certainly want to know if it was my kid.

Anonymous said...

Hey Megan!
And you said in your blog that we don't keep in touch....well here I am STILL reading your blog :)
I can't believe Alex is as tall as you! Samantha topped me a while ago and can you believe she is 16!!!
Anyway write me sometime, I would love to hear from ya! Our email is the same tammyb102@hotmail.com Good luck with the job hunting, I can't find a job to save my life.

Your hopefully "welcome with open arms" friends!
The Bests