Monday, August 25, 2008

It's back again

That heavy, wet blanket that is depression. I feel like I'm suffocating under its weight. When I finally manage to get a breath, somehow I inhale some of the water that soaks the blanket through, and I cough and sputter, and feel like I'm drowning.

I hate going to work. I hate doing homework. I hate going to class.

I'm not getting a chance to sleep much, and when I do get the opportunity, it eludes me. Thank you, major depression.

I have an appointment on Friday morning with a doctor. Hopefully, he'll put me on anti-depressants.


Willow said...

I wonder if it's the change of seasons. It's hit me hard right now, and I usually am able to control it myself.

Stupid depression/anxiety. It sux.


E said...

I cam relate to this and I am trying so hard to keep my thoughts positive, but UGH, hang n there girlie and I hope your doctors appointment helps out!

kate said...

Oh dear. I'm hoping you will get the meds, and that they help. Hang in there!