Thursday, August 07, 2008

Bloggin' with my feetses up

So my grandfather's house sold - just a little after two years since he passed. The money was divided among his five kids, but Mom decided to share her portion with my brother and me. Every time Grandpa ever gave me money - for Christmas, my birthday, whatever - he always told me to spend it on something for me. Something that I liked. Not bills or groceries and whatnot.

So I decided to do the same with this, and Tai and I went shopping last weekend for a new couch. We ended up finding a good deal on a sofa and loveseat combination. Both seats of the loveseat recline, and the couch reclines at both ends. The couch also has a fold-down table in the middle (lift the cushion, and fold down the table) with two cup holders, plus both ends have a massage feature! They're totally awesome, and they were delivered today.

Now I can do my schoolwork in comfort. Yay! And speaking of schoolwork, I got a 100% in my class that ended Monday night. Go me!


Willow said...

WHOOTS all the way around!

We got ours second-hand, but I loves me some reclining couch ends.

kate said...

Congratulations on the 100% Also, the couch sounds wonderful. We are definitely getting reclining couch ends on our next couch (unfortunately that won't happen for quite awhile-- probably not until all the kids are old enough to be counted on not to destroy it!)