Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I'm lost.

Tai started a new job last week. It's third shift - which he has now been on for two nights. And I'm lost. I came home from work tonight and cried because I couldn't tell him about my day. (And it was an eventful one, too, including a 5 hour trip to the ER!)

With him working 3rds, and me working 2nds, and Mike working 1sts, I'll never get to see him. He'll come home, spend an hour or two with the kids while he winds down. I'll sleep in a little bit since I don't get home until 11:30 or so and need time to wind down, too. And by the time I get up to be Mommy, it'll be time for him to go to bed. We will see each other for maybe five or ten minutes. :( And then I'll leave for work before he gets up to spend the evening with the kids.

This is going to totally suck.

But the job pays better than his last one did. And it's a temp-to-hire position, which means there will probably be a big raise in three months. (There'd better be!) And it works out so that there is always an adult home with the kids. So we're just going to have to suck it up and deal. Blech.

I finished my first class with University of Phoenix. I don't know when I'll get my final grade, but before our final group project, I had a 98.5% or so. Not too shabby for not having been in college for quite a number of years. I can deal with that.

Except that our final project kinda sucked. Mainly because I let someone else take the lead on it. It's a PowerPoint presentation, and someone else had more experience in it than I did. Ok, fine. But there was no proofreading of the notes. And I had to recommend a change for one particular slide like 18 times before she finally changed it. (It had the decision-making process listed BACKWARDS, for goodness sakes!!!)

I'm scheduled to start another class on the 17th. Between now and then, I'm trying to figure out which classes I might be able to waive. Unfortunately, Illinois State University's course catalogue has been of NO help whatsoever. I need to use that description to waive out of courses at UoPh. But when their course descriptions are simple one line entries, that does me no good at all! At over $1500/class, I need to waive as many as I can, thank you very much! I might be able to waive 6 or 7 classes...if I can get a decent course description from ISU. But that's looking like an awfully big, BIG IF. Blech.

That's about all that's going on...what's new in your world?

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kate said...

Oh, what a bummer. Hopefully this arrangement is only temporary. Do you both have the same days off at least?

Congrats on your grade, whatever it is-- it sounds like you really aced that class! As for the class descriptions, maybe you could get copies of the syllabus for the current version of whatever classes you already took? Of course it might not be exactly the same as what you took, but maybe similar enough to count. Good luck!