Thursday, May 01, 2008

I'm at it again

I decided to go back to school. The new way.

I've signed up for a class with Phoenix Online. Kinda nifty how that works. One class at a time, five weeks each.

Had to change my major, though. They didn't have social work. So I went for what was closest... human services/management.

Could be interesting!


Willow said...

So 'splain that to me. You don't ever have to step foot in a college classroom? Because I could so do that this summer and get a better degree.

eatmisery said...

Meg, that's fantastic news! I'm working on my graduate degree right now. Good for you!

Moose said...

Hoorah! Oh wait if you are going to school too and working all these wacky hours when are you going to sleep? Or does this mean you have decided sleeping is optional. I think that is what my brother did. Good luck. :)

kate said...

Very cool! When do you start???

Mindi said...

Good for you. When you're a millionaire will you remember your lowly blog friends?