Friday, December 21, 2007

More baby pictures!

Isn't he adorable?!

My favorite picture:

I introduced myself to him last Sunday. I told him flat out, "I'm Aunt Meg, your favorite!" He's going to think that's my name, I think. LOL

With Grandma. Look how tiny he is!

But look how long his feet are!

Going swimming! In his car seat, that is!

They got to go home Monday! Yay!

But first, they had to stop at his favorite Aunt Meg's house for a visit. Or at least for a diaper change and feeding:


Mindi said...

That's how I introduced myself at my niece's baby shower. "I'm Mindi, her favorite aunt". You have to let them know constantly! lol! He's sure a good looking baby.

Willow said...

Wow! Them's some big feets! (My girls' feet were the size of my thumb when they were born.)

::jumping up and down, high on new baby::

I can just smell him!

eatmisery said...

Happy Holidays!

Michele said...

AW! What a little cutie! Congrats aunt Meg!