Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sigh...things are good. Finally.

  • My kids are all doing well in school.
  • My husband got a promotion...and it looks like another promotion is in the works.
  • I got a significant raise.
  • Mike didn't get jail time...only fines and court supervision.
  • We have caught up with the bills, finally, after our chaotic summer.
  • I love my job...and it seems to love me, too.
  • I got all of the Christmas decorating done Sunday and Monday.
  • I've started the Christmas shopping.
  • It looks like we'll be getting child support again, soon.


Mindi said...

Things are looking up, girlfriend! Good for you! Oh, about the soup and teethcleaning? I have very, very sensitive teeth. I won't be eating ice cream for awhile eaither!

eatmisery said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

E said...

I am so glad life is looking up for you!! Now send some of those good vibes to me:)

Willow said...


Michele said...

So glad things are getting better for you guys!