Thursday, November 01, 2007

One hundred and five

That was Darcy's temperature last night.

She came to my room about 2:15AM, barking like a seal (coughing), and complaining that it hurt to breathe. I took her temp with one of those thermometers that you lay across the forehead, and by golly, it lit up the entire strip like Vegas. She was at 105 and wasn't showing any signs of slowing.

Soooooo...I dosed her with Tylenol, ibuprofen, and cough meds, took her into the bathroom, slathered her in Vicks, and ran the hot shower for a few minutes. I was hoping to loosen up that cough. She was, literally, barking like a seal. I gave her hot tea with lemon and honey.

As soon as she was breathing easier, I switched gears and ran a cool bath. Plopped the kiddo in and let her try to boil the water with her body temp. I think she came close to succeeding.

Anyhow, twenty minutes and lots of shivers later, her temp was down to a reasonable 102. Made up a little bed for her on my bedroom floor, propped her little body up so she would be less likely to cough, and off to sleep we went.

Well, off to sleep SHE went. I had a hard time falling asleep. I kept reaching down and checking to see how hot she was. And then just after I had finally fallen asleep, the phone rang (4:37AM) - McDonald's wanting to know why Mike wasn't there yet. He was due to work at 4:30. He must have been on his way, because when I went to get him, he was gone.

Then Darcy started coughing again at 6:00 or so. Only for a moment, but it was enough to wake me. Then Perrin came down and acted like a goofball and woke me up again at 7:10. That was actually a good thing, since neither Tai or I had remembered to set our alarm clocks. Oops.

So I kicked Tai out of bed to get the boys ready for school. I'd been up all night, and I wanted to sleeeeeeeeeep. A little while later, Darcy got up. "Mama, should I be getting up and getting ready, too?" Uhhhh...child, did that fever damage your brain? Cuz you're not going ANYwhere today.

I did tell her that if she wanted to, she could eat some breakfast, drink a big glass of juice, and head upstairs to lay down and watch tv. And it's now 11:50, and to the best of my knowledge, that's where she's been all morning. Probably sleeping.

Anywho...after this lovely night of non-rest...I get to work an 18 hour shift. At least this one is planned. And I'll have tomorrow off, which is good.

I've got items to price and take to Alex's school tomorrow evening for the school-wide yard sale. They're using it as a fund raiser for a $15,000 field trip the 7th graders take in the spring.

Anyhow, I need to run to the store for more juice and kid-style cold medicine. And more cough syrup. Geeeze.

Hope everyone around your parts is happy and healthy!


Willow said...

Oh poor pumpkin (and poor you!)

After that 18 hour stint, make sure you get some of your own down time or you'll end up posting about your own 105 fever!

eatmisery said...

Holy shit! A temp of 105 is scary! I bet you could've made scrambled eggs on her belly.

How is she now? I hope she's much better. Fevers scare me.

E said...

Poor thing :( I hope she's feeling better now.