Tuesday, October 02, 2007

So I'm a dumbass...who knew?

Don't answer that.

This morning, at work, I was trying to open a bottle similar to a spice bottle. One with a little plastic shake-out top on it? And I couldn't get the plastic part off. So I tried to peel it off with a pair of scissors.

The World's Sharpest Scissors.

I know this, because I ended up in the ER getting my thumb sewed back up after the World's Sharpest Scissors slipped and cut it.

This is the first time I've had to get stitches. For an accident, at least. I mean, I was sewn up after I gave birth, but other than that...

Yeah, I'm a dumbass.


E said...

Oh god!! You're like the 4th person I've heard of having an ER visit due to a hand injury in the last week, I hope it heals quickly!

Willow said...

Jumpin jeezus. My daughter did something similar last year with a tissue box - trying to poke through it for a craft. I was like "what's the matter with you? Did you not realize those would be sharp?"

Of course she was only 9 at the time and you're a grown woman, so I'll just say...WTF?? LOL!

I'm glad you're ok though.

Meg: said...

Kris...thanks for the support. :P

Willow said...

LOL! I love ya!