Wednesday, August 29, 2007


So, wouldn't it be nice if I were asleep right now? Yeah, I thought so, too.

Alas, it isn't meant to be.

Nevermind that I worked from 11PM last night to 9AM this morning. Nevermind that I'm supposed to work that same shift tonight.

I got to bed at 10 this morning and woke up around 1:30. Why? I'd love to be able to tell ya. But I can't.

So here I am. Awake. Still.

And I should really be storing up my sleep, since I've agreed to work an extra shift each week from now through at least the end of September. Nothing like being scheduled for 50 hours a week, plus working all of that unscheduled time in the mornings when things get hectic.

Ah well. The checks ought to be nice. Too bad I'll be too tired to spend them!

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