Thursday, June 28, 2007

Training and shit...

Two separate topics, by the way.

I've started training for my new job as a residential aid. I'll be working with developmentally disabled adults - helping them to be as independent as possible. And I'll be working third shift, and I'm scheduled to start actual "work" on the second of July.

I can't believe how many different classes I have to take (through the agency) in order to do this job. Some of them are very, VERY basic. Others are a bit more detailed. Things range from human rights to driver's training. They slot forty hours of classroom training for this, and then I'll have 80 hours of on the job training as well.

I've visited the two homes I'll be working in, and I was very impressed. They are truly HOMES. Not just institutionalized houses. It's good stuff.

On another note - one much more shitty than the first - the sewer is backing up into our basement. At first, we were hopeful it was just the city sewer system. We had them come out and do whatever it is they do to take care of their side of things. It seemed to work. But a couple of days later, it was back. Our basement is flooded with moldy, shitty water. It's absolutely disgusting. Truly.

Soooooooo...we've got a guy out in the front yard doing whatever it is HE does to get the gunk out of the sewer lines. It's gross. So far, he's pulled out lots of roots. He's been here for over three hours now. I'm thrilled. No, really...I'm thrilled.

Tai and I have decided that this man could kill someone by dropping his bill ($85 an hour) on them. Ugh.

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