Thursday, June 07, 2007

The last straw

Perrin & Darcy's biomom called this morning. She's moving back to IL from TN. Great...the kids will get to see her more. Sucky - we'll be without child support until she gets a job.

And let me tell you - right now, child support is the only thing keeping the family fed.

I have been looking for a job since December. DECEMBER. And nada. And NOW, the van has died, so we're down to one car. And Tai works 25 miles the one car is in a different city all day.

And with Mike having moved in, there's an added expense...his parents are paying for some of that expense, but it doesn't quite cover everything. And he hasn't found a job yet either.

Tai is hating his job. With a passion. He hasn't had any luck, yet, finding a new one. And his job isn't quite paying the bills. And there are two adults here willing to work and unable to find a job.

This lack of child support thing? It's the straw that breaks the camel's back, and me? I'm the camel.

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