Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The results are in...Sensory Issues

I met with several people at Perrin's school today to go over what the occupational therapist had found. Surprise, surprise, he has "sensory issues".

First and foremost, he has trouble with auditory processing. We already knew that, though. In particular, a hypersensitivity to sounds. He is, however, doing MUCH better in the auditory-language processing department. That's what he was originally in special ed for in Virginia.

He also has issues with vestibular sense: hyposensitivity to movement.

And with proprioceptive sense: sensory seeking behaviors, difficulty with grading of movement.

Difficulty with visual input as well: alternating between hypersensitive to visual input and hyposensitivity to visual input.

Let's not forget tactile dysfunction: hyposensitivity to touch.

And a variety of social, emotional, play and self regulation dysfunctions, but not on such a large scale.

The OT came up with several ideas for helping him deal...I'll go into those next time. I'm too tired tonight!

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