Monday, December 11, 2006

Running water...

And lots of it. Our den leaks. It leaks a lot. We had four inches of solid ice covered by six inches of snow on its roof when we moved in. And we didn't have enough insulation. The heat from inside melted the bottom layer of ice, but there was ice buildup at the edge of the roof creating a dam. (Or a damn, depending on how you look at it!) Thus the water couldn't get into the gutters and drain off the it came IN. All over the damn place in the den.

Tai has been wonderful. He's been doing all sorts of things to keep it under control. He's shoveled snow and chipped ice off of the roof for hours. He's pulled down ceiling tiles and insulation. At the moment, he has plastic tarps stapled and taped to the ceiling (Well, not the ceiling so much as the underside of the roof.) in a manner in which the water can be funneled to one location. It's as under control as it can get until it finally dries up.

In other water/leak news, Perrin decided we needed a third shower in the house. In the dining room. Upstairs, we have only a shower - not a bath tub. He decided to shut the shower door, sit on the drain, and run the shower for half an hour. Needless to say, the overflow came out of the shower, all over the bathroom floor, and started POURING into our dining room. *le sigh* Thanks, Perrin.

I guess that's all of the exciting stuff going on. I did manage to get the Christmas tree up and decorated last night. We've done very little Christmas shopping yet. That is scaring me. But my friend, Jon is coming tomorrow, and we're going to shop wile the kids are in school. I think Tai is planning on doing some shopping of his own - at the local Menard's (You know the jingle...SPEND big money at Menard's!). If we get a locking door to put on the garage, he can put his tools in the way-cool workshop so they stop taking up tons of space in the house. Yay!

The kids are all finally enrolled. We had to jump through a few hoops to figure out which school Perrin should attend. The special ed services here are different than they were back in Virginia. They essentially have services for kids who need a tiny bit of help, and they have services for kids who need massive help. Perrin is an inbetween kind of kid. He needs a moderate amount of help. Figures. Cross your fingers that it works out!

I really think that's all the news I've got!

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