Friday, September 08, 2006

Things, they are a-changin'

It's been a busy week. Alex finally came home on Monday! Now I have all three of my kids back from their various summer vacations. Woohoo!

Of course, along with that comes the fighting and arguing and yelling and screaming. Ah well...the price we pay, I guess.

School started on Tuesday, finally. I have a first grader, a second grader, and a sixth grader. Yep - a real, live middle schooler. (Except back home, we called it junior high, not middle school. Whatever.) Everyone seems to enjoy their teachers and classes so far. Good stuff.

Tai will be starting his terminal leave in the middle of November. (Taking his vacation days before he gets out of the Marine Corps for good in January.) This realization has hit us pretty hard this week. Originally, they were going to make his job into a civilian government job, and he was going to stay where he is. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like they'll be able to offer him enough money to make him want to stay. I mean, who would want to do the same job for, essentially, $20,000 less than what they earn doing it now? Nobody! Soooooo...we're looking at our options. I won't go into details about them until we've made some decisions.

That's about what's goin' on 'round these parts. What's up with you?