Sunday, July 02, 2006

The time has come

Well, almost, anyway. In just a few hours, the kids will be arriving at the airport. Our vacation away from them - and their vacation away from us - will be at an end. Grandma put them on an airplane about 45 minutes ago in Vegas, and soon they will be home.

It will be good to have them back. I can't say that I had much of an opportunity to miss them yet - since I went back to Illinois to be with my grandfather for twelve of the fifteen days they were gone. I came home and immensely enjoyed the quiet time with Tai. But now that is coming to an end, and the kids will be home.

It will be good to have three grinning faces around. I'm certain there will be lots for them to talk about. Their Grandma kept them quite busy - had them "going and doing" constantly. I know they went to Legoland, saw a volcano & a waterfall, enjoyed a couple of water parks, saw some shows, went to the movies, visited a ghost town, and broke into the pool at a hotel (multiple times). I talked to my mother-in-law a little while ago, and it sounds as though Alex got his hair cut (his own choice - amazing!), Perrin got his spiked, and Darcy got hers braided. They'll be coming back totally different kids.

In other news: my grandfather is *still* hanging around, I guess. They moved him to a nursing home in my (and his) hometown, Canton. That will be easier on my mom, who has eye troubles and prefers not to drive out of town. Easier, also, on an uncle who lives in Canton. My other aunts and uncles will have just as much as a drive, if not longer, to visit.

It sounds as though the nursing home was well warned about my family...I guess Grandpa was put into a double-occupancy room, but without a roommate. Last I heard, they were moving OUT the second bed, and moving IN multiple chairs. The first day, they also provided soda & snacks, plus a pizza and salad from a local pizza joint. It's always a good idea to keep that Harrington clan happy. ;o) They can be a troublesome lot if they set their minds to it! Ha!