Thursday, July 20, 2006


It's amazing how few messes there are to clean up with all of the kids gone. I can clean the house, and it STAYS that way! What am I supposed to do the NEXT day if what I cleaned the day before is still clean?! The house is only so big, ya know.

Ok, so I know I could continue to keep up with the laundry. The kids cleaned their rooms shortly before they left and sent down about eighty-three loads of dirty clothes to be washed. So there's that.

And I got that new carpet cleaner...I shampooed the living room carpet, and heaven knows the dining room needs it. I could be doing that, too.

Instead? Instead I think I'll go dye my hair. I just went to the store and picked up a second box of dye. I think my hair is long enough (mid-back, now!) that I probably need two boxes to cover it all. Yeah, I think I'll do that instead. *grin*