Friday, April 07, 2006

I jinxed it

The day that I said Darcy's temperature was back to normal when she woke up? I jinxed it. Later that day, she was back up to 103. And she's basically stayed at 103 since then. (Ok, she's not at 103 once I give her meds, but I let the meds wear completley off so I can guage her temp before I give her more.)

My beautiful daughter has been reduced to a puddle of snot and tears. And that's amazing, since she refuses to drink very much. I don't know where her body is getting the liquid required to MAKE snot and tears.

Last night, after trying to get her temperature with an oral thermometer, and having her gag on it for the eleventy-seventh time, I ran out to get an ear thermometer. I wish I'd done that sooner. It's soooooo much easier!

I also bought her pudding, jello, drinkable yougurt, chicken broth, chicken noodle soup, and ice cream. And of course, we've got popsicles in the freezer already. She doesn't want any of it. None! Getting this kid to eat or drink is soooooo hard. She didn't pee at all yesterday. I know - massive sign of dehydration. But she's still able to cry, and her skin doesn't do that weird thing when ya pinch it. If she goes without peeing again today, we'll be heading back to the doctor. Meanwhile, I'm going to forcefeed her Pedialyte.

I'm so tired. I'm tired of being overly patient. I'm tired of being SuperMom. Two weeks ago, Perrin had the nasty fever. Last week, he had an ear infection. This week, Darcy started a fever Sunday night and it's continued on through today. I can't believe how DRAINING it is to baby a sick child 24/7 for three weeks straight.

And all I can think is this: I have three children. Only two of them have been sick so far. I'm in this for another two or three weeks.

I need a vacation!!!