Sunday, March 05, 2006

Busy, busy!

Ok. I have to admit it: I've been neglecting my blogging lately. I've been busy making jewelry - lots and lots of jewelry. I think I'm up to nearly thirty items in my eBay store. I've got more that I haven't gotten online yet, too. Only three bids so far, of which is my father. (Thanks, Dad!) Hopefully, tomorrow will be a bigger day for bids, since several auctions end on Tuesday.

Anyhow, enough on that. I'm sure y'all are getting tired of hearing about jewelry.

In other there other news? Uhm...not really. I turned over one of my foster cats to a different foster mom last week (her other foster was adopted, and I didn't want her to go home empty handed!). We had a new foster mom that was interested in fostering Arthur, so I sent him home with her this afternoon. Of course, I couldn't go home empty handed, so I brought home Mickey.

Gizmo (our kitten) seems to think that chasing Mickey around is a lot of fun. Which is rather amusing to see, since Mickey is scared shitless of him! (Gizmo is 6 months old, and Mickey is three times his size.) We found Mickey earlier on the top shelf in the laundry closet with Gizmo just sitting there staring at him from atop the washer. Little thug!

Other than that, not too much is new around here. I guess I'll update again when I've got time...and something real to talk about if you're lucky!