Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Well, I'm happy to say that I'm finally down to my last load or two of clothes. Thank goodness! I've decided, also, to go through everyone's clothes and throw away/donate a LOT of them. It seems I have a habit of saying, "S/He is growing out of..." so I buy new ones of whatever...and forget to throw the old ones out! We have WAY too many clothes for the number of people in our family. WAY too many.

Last weekend, hubby and I decided that Darcy needed a new dresser. Her's is a little Walmart cheapie, and the drawer bottoms keep falling out. So off we went to The Furniture Store, which was/is going out of business, and supposedly everything was on clearance. Let me tell you...if their CLEARANCE prices are any indication of what their normal prices are? I know why they're going bankrupt. Yikes! Unfortunately, the didn't have any single dressers left - only sets that they weren't willing to split up. So off we went to Value City Furniture, which is just next door, and much, MUCH more reasonably priced.

We should have specified that we were looking for a child's dresser when we asked where we would find the dressers. We ended up walking down the isle with the adult sets. I offhandedly said, "You know, we could purchase new dressers for you and I, and then give Darcy one of our old ones." (We currently have hand-me-down dressers that don't match each other OR our nightstands.) I didn't think he'd take me seriously, but we ended up walking up to the salesperson and telling him we wanted the dresser and mirror, the chest of drawers, and (why not?) two nightstands from this set. Not only that, as Tai was setting up a delivery time, etc, with the guy, I found this set, and said, "Hey, give us one of those pink dressers, too!" (The 6 drawer side by side one with the mirror.) So ultimately, our trip to the furniture store for a little $100 dresser cost us much closer to $2000. But the furniture in my bedroom will match! AND Darcy will have a cute new pink dresser for her room!

After our big purchase, we ate lunch at the mall, hoping to catch the 1:00 movie. Of course it didn't happen that way, and we ended up having to wait for the 4:30. Alex was spending the day at a friend's house, so it was just Tai and I with Perrin and Darcy. I thought it would be nice, since we'd just gotten something for Darcy's room, to pick up something for Perrin's room, too. Since we had 3 hours to kill and all. He picked out a new throw pillow in the shape of Jack the Pumpkin King's head, and a nifty lamp with swirly fishies on it. We got them at Spencer's...because isn't that the sort of place YOU want to take YOUR 5 & 7 year old kids to shop?

Anyhow, now that we have all of these new dressers coming TOMORROW, I have to figure out what to do with the dressers we already have...and what to do with the clothes that belong in them. Not only that, but I have to clean my house (I haven't been feeling well) to the point where men carrying very large objects can get through without tripping over a stuffed animal or slipping on a kid book. Ugh. What have I gotten myself into?!