Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Since being put on Cymbalta for depression, I've had some pretty darned whacky dreams. I don't write them down afterwards, but I should. I know I lose details, and in some cases, the entire dream, within a few hours.

Here are a few bits and pieces of the dreams I've had lately:

1) It's January, and I'm in Illinois standing on my parents' front lawn. It's 105 degrees outside, and there are penguins on the other side of the sidewalk. We're feeding them (bread nonetheless!) because it's too hot for them to find food. Now tell me...is there ANY sense in this dream?! If so, please explain it to me!

2) I was standing at a window at night, watching what looks to be an airplane landing. Suddenly, however, into view came a myriad of lights in the sky. Aliens. I knew it. I just knew they were going to invade. And invade they did: in force. Hundreds and hundreds of aliens all over the city, searching out people in their homes. I was quite certain they would kill anyone they came across as they flew in. (They were flying robot aliens in this particular dream.) There was much running, and much hiding.

3) I'm living in a house at the end of a strip mall. There is a strange magnetic "force" that is causing major disruption. Nobody knows what exactly is wrong, but there is definitely SOMETHING wrong. A car in front of an ice cream shop with a woman and a little boy in it keeps rolling forward and back, forward and back, and they can't get out. The father and two other young boys is already out of the car, and he comes into my house for protection. It seems my house is a hideout for everyone in the area who wants to get away from this "force." The father asks if I happen to have a baby bottle, and I do for some reason. I'm furious with him for not trying to save his wife and other son, but all he does is sit in a big rocking chair with both of his other boys. I go out and somehow figure out how to get the mother and other child out of the car, and the dream ends.

4) I'm driving a car up a looooooonnnnnggggg and narrrrrrrowwwww one-lane road that goes nearly straight up. The road is much like a rollercoaster. There is nothing underneath it, and there are no rails. I'm terrified to keep driving, but I have no choice. The road looks like something out of a Dr. Seuss book. I have no choice but to keep going because there are cars behind me, and there is nowhere to turn off. I can't beleive the car is able to stay on the road at such an incline. We should be falling off into oblivion.

5) I'm having a conversation with someone, and all of the sudden, one of my teeth crumbles and falls apart. There is no pain, and I'm curious about that. I go to call the dentist, and as I'm talking, another tooth crumbles. Soon, before I ever make it to the dentist, nearly all of my teeth are gone. There is still no pain, though. The teeth just keep falling apart and there is nothing I can do to stop it.

Sooooo...while the Cymbalta sure makes my mood better during the day, it's sure causing some crazy dreams at night! My psychiatrist put me on an anti-anxiety drug this week, and I'm hoping the weirdness of the dreams will go away. I don't usually recall my dreams, period, though, so this *is* interesting even though it's disturbing.