Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Searches that have brought people to this blog

1) Poptarts nutritional value

To whom it may concern...up to this point, I have never posted about the nutritional value of poptarts. This very well could be because Poptarts HAVE no nutritional value. I don't know this for a fact, but since every child on the face of the earth likes Poptarts, I am simply making the assumption that they are simply sugar, sugar, and more sugar. I'm sorry.

2) Boys showing off their toenails

To whom it may concern...I have no idea whether you are simply a worried parent or a sick and twisted individual. If you are a parent, don't worry. I mean, really...what harm is going to come to your son for showing off his toenails? Be happy he's not into showing off his spleen. If you're a twisted person who is interested in seeing boys' toenails...I think you ought to see a therapist.

3) Do squirrels gnaw electrical cords

To whom it may concern...I have no clue. Sorry. Not quite sure how you ended up at my blog with this particular search! Good luck.

4) My boobs are huge

Yes, they are. But ya know what? All you'll find here about that is complaints!