Friday, January 20, 2006

Here kitty, kitty!

I haven't said too terribly much about my foster cats lately.

I was devestated in December when Emily was adopted. She was adopted by an awesome family, though. Mom, Dad, and two boys close in age to my kids. From what I understand, Emily has also adopted their family, and she's very happy.

Zoe was adopted at the beginning of January. She went to a home with a sweet single lady and her roommates. I've gotten an email from her saying that Zoe is very happy as well.

When Emily left, King Arthur moved in. He's an enormous (just large, not fat!) three year old cat with long gray fur. He's such a handsome boy! We've decided he's a pothead hippie hiding in a cat's clothing, though. He's sooooo laid back! Everyone had always assumed, because of his size, that he was a very dominant cat. That's so far from the truth! He takes a look at another cat, seems to realize, "Yeah, I could take him, but why should I?" and walks away. He and our cat, Fenris, are getting along quite well.

We also have a cute little three month old foster kitten, Gizmo. He's a tuxedo cat, with green eyes. He's just cuter than words can ever say. Fenris has adopted him as the nephew he never had but always wanted. It's as if he says, "See, first I'm going to come over here and maul you. Then, you come maul me, ok?" We're constantly watching Fenris chase the kitten, only to turn around a few seconds later and see Gizmo chasing Fenris. It's adorable. Gizmo had already been adopted, but he was returned because he was too shy. They said he hid constantly. We've had him since Sunday, and he's already out of hiding, here. He's still quite shy around people - particularly if the people are standing...but he's getting there. He's finally coming into the kitchen to eat, which is a big step!

Last night, we picked up one year old Tinkerbell, a cream tabby. Tinkerbell hisses and growls. It's what she does. Oh, and she scratches. She would be a pretty girl if it weren't for her attitude! She hisses and growls at people, cats, the bunny, stuffed animals, pillows, blankets, the couch, the walls, the table, the stairs, and even food. That's what she does. She hisses and growls. She's going to be a lot of fun to work with.

See, it's generally my job to take the less sociable cats and socialize them - turn them into loving kitties that people would like to adopt. Exactly how it is I got this particular job, I don't know. But that's what I do, and so far, it has worked out quite well.

I really love my volunteer work with Animal Allies. It not only gives me a chance to get out of the house and see other real, live grown-ups, but I get to spend time with cats in my own home, and I get to help keep cats from being put down. This is good stuff.

I'll post pictures of my new fosters as soon as I get a chance!