Monday, December 12, 2005

Random thoughts

I've been in quite a funk lately, so I haven't had the desire to blog. Fortunately, I think my new antidepressant is starting to kick in. Still, I have nothing of substance to blog about. Instead, I present to you Random Thoughts:

** Why, if even adults have to wear seatbelts, don't school buses come with them?

** I'm glad I'm not a dog. It would totally suck to rely on my nose to go pee.

** If hitchhiking is bad, why is it that the DC area highly recommends "slugging"? Slugging is where strangers pull into a parking lot, then get into cars with other strangers for the commute to and from work and hope for the best. Isn't that hitchhiking?

** If God doesn't believe in a higher power, does that make him an athiest?

** How can cats who eat no more than, say a cup and a half of food a day, manage to fill the litter box to the point where I have to scoop it two or three times a day?

** Why can't people be as happy to see other people as dogs are to see their owners when they come home from work?