Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Oh, pickles!

Or so my daughter would say. That's her version of, "Oh, crap!" I think it's adorable.

Tai and I decided that it was finally time. The day after Christmas (My parents' 35th anniversary, congrats, guys!) we went shopping for a new mattress set. Our old one had been purchased by my ex-husband and myself several years ago, and it was a $200 cheapie. It sagged in the middle to the point where it wasn't a sag so much as simply V-shaped. We both rolled toward the middle, no matter how hard we tried not to. We felt the springs, sproings, and sprongs that had sprung, and it was generally uncomfortable. Oh, and in the move to this house, we had broken the center support for the box spring, which only enhanced the V-shape. It was time.

So off we went Monday to Mattress Discounters. We had decided to buy the most comfortable bed we could find - not the cheapest. We're planning on sleeping on it for a good long while.

Let me tell you, we'd better get the best 20-years-worth of nights' sleep that we've ever had. We dropped a couple of grand on this sucker. But it's so big! And it's so cushy! It's got fluff and soft and more fluff, and under that, it's got support. Yay!

It was delivered today. I went to make it and discovered that the mattress is much, much too deep to use our current heated mattress pad on it. Pickles! Tai had had the forsight to have me buy new extra-deep sheets, so we were good on that count. But to go without my heated blankie is NOT a good plan. I go to bed and instantly turn into an icicle. So off to Target I went, with the kids in tow, in search of an electric blanket. No luck there; they had nothing bigger than a full size. Pickles! So then we had to go to Walmart. I had wanted to purchase a king size blanket, but had no luck there, either. I gave up and bought a queen (the actual size of our bed) which will do the trick.

Now we're home, and the bed is made. It's huge. I can't tell you how HUGE it is in comparison to the old one. When I sit on this one, my feet don't hit the floor. They don't hit the floor by a good six or eight inches. And let me tell you, I have a 34" inseam, so that's pretty impressive!

I also found a great deal online at Overstock on down pillows. The order has been placed, and I can't wait to get them! Ohhhhh, good nights' I come!