Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Second installment

Funny, Jennette is the one to leave me more questions. We talk every day for at least an hour - many times longer than that. And she's known me since I was just about ready to turn 9. She already knows the answers! (Except to number 2, probably...I changed that recently.)

1. My natural hair color is a sort of light mousy brown, these days, I believe. It could be argued that it's dark blond. Take your pick.

2. I use Tom's toothpaste. I like the fact that it comes in spearmint.

3. I would not - I repeat NOT - go skydiving. Ever. For any reason. Unless maybe the plane I was in was on fire. Not just a little fire, either. It would have to be engulfed!


Darcy just informed me a moment ago that she is a "Waddling Penguin of Dooooooooooooom". Should I be afraid? (I think perhaps I'd jump out of a perfectly good airplane if there were a Waddling Penguin of Doooooooooooom onboard, incidentally.)


Well, Senorita wasn't adopted at last Sunday's Adoption Fair. I would say I was sad about it, but I wasn't. I don't want to give her up. Anyone have any ideas on how to encourage my husband to want to adopt her? LOL

Not only did I bring Senorita back home with me, I also brought Gracie, her mama home with me, too. Tai wasn't pleased. It's a temporary thing, though, while her regular foster mom is out of state.


Not only am I doing the Adoption Fairs for Animal Allies, but I've also decided to volunteer one afternoon a week at the kids' school library. It ought to be fun. It also ought to get me out of the house, which is something I sorely need.


I think that's about all that's going on!