Saturday, June 11, 2005

They are out to get me

First, Alex lost control of the big garbage can as he took it off of the porch. It fell into my irises and crushed them. Then, Darcy decided to trip and knock a ceramic pot into my peacock orchids, cracking the long leaves. Finally, this morning, Perrin thought it would be really nice to PICK my lilies and bring them inside for me. Only he just picked the flower heads. And they came off in pieces. I'm going to cry.

On a brighter note, today is Tai's birthday. :) He's turning 29 again, again. He opened his presents first thing this morning and seemed to like them. Or at least not hate them. ;o)

Now he and Alex are at the airport picking up my brother and sister-in-law who will be staying with us for a few days. It ought to be fun. Hopefully neither one of them will trip/fall/land/ruin-in-some-other-way my flowers! LOL