Thursday, June 23, 2005

So how was YOUR day?

This morning, I woke up with my jaw hurting sooooooo bad that I ran down the stairs to get to my ibuprofen. And I stubbed my toe on the way. Ugh.

I tried, unsuccessfully, to get ahold of my dentist various times throughout the morning. I finally got ahold of her in mid-afternoon, and was told to come right in. Great! Yay! I grabbed my wallet and my keys, searched and searched for my sunglasses, gave up, and headed out. On foot. Through the dirtpile that is my front yard. And twisted my ankle.

About a mile into my walk, I was accosted by two Mormon missionaries on bicycles. The rode beside me as I walked, trying to convert me to Mormonism. Yeah. Right. I had to deal with them for about half a mile before they finally realized they weren't going to get anywhere with me.

I finally got to the dentist, where I was told that, yes, indeed, that *IS* my jawbone protruding through my gums. I don't have enough gums surrounding it to stitch together, so we just have to hope that the gums will eventually grow over it again. Yay. There was one thing she could do for the pain, though. She proceeded to come at me with some sort of weird brown stuff that she intended to stuff into the hole where my tooth used to be. I asked her if it was just Anbesol on cotton or something, and WHILE she was putting it into my mouth, she told me it was clove something or other. YIKES!!

I'm highly allergic to cloves. The last time I tried over the counter clove stuff for my teeth, it burned me so bad I had blisters inside my mouth. So I mumbled and mumbled and finally got "NO" to come out clear enough that she pulled it out of my mouth before she really touched anything with it. I explained the problem, and she said that there wasn't anything else she could do. I'm healing nicely. No tooth fragments. No infections. Take some ibuprofen and rinse with warm salt water. Ugh. Thanks.

Right before I left the dental office, I used the bathroom...only to discover that my period had started. Note, I mentioned at the beginning that I left the house with only my keys and wallet. Bad news. No tampons with me. Crap!

I walked to the grocery store, bought some water and got cash, and walked to the dollar store to buy tampons. I asked to use the bathroom, but not only is it against store policy, they'd just unloaded the truck, so NOBODY could use the bathroom. It was blocked off. Crap!

So THEN I walked to Dairy Queen, took care of business in the bathroom, ordered a milkshake, and proceeded to walk home with my sinus headache, my headache from too much sun, my sunburn, my twisted ankle, my bruised toe, and my throbbing jaw. Oh, and a prescription for ibuprofen. Gee, that was all worth it!

So how was YOUR day?