Friday, April 01, 2005

Taking the night off

Tai is on 24 hour duty, and I am taking a much needed night off. Darcy has thrown up eight or nine times today - poor kid. I'll be sending her to bed a little early, sending the boys downstairs, and then I'll be plopping my ass in front of the television. I've got it all planned out. Law & Order. Law & Order: Special Victim's Unit (times two). Monk. Law & Order: Special Victim's Unit again. I'm popping a big bowl of popcorn, and I'm not gonna do ANYTHING but veg in front of the boobtube and eat popcorn.

Ok, I might get tired of that and fold a little laundry...which will mean vacuuming the living room floor. And of course, if Darcy gets sick again, I'll have to deal with that. I might do some dishes during the commercials. And I'll probably put away a basket or two of laundry, too. I might run the vacuum in the dining room real quick, since the boys made a mess out of dinner. And I'll feed the cat and wash out his dishes. And clean out the bunny & cat litter boxes.

Well hell. I'm not very good at this taking a night off thing, am I?

::Update:: I also decided that tonight is cheesecake night. I made a Jello Cheesecake, and I might just eat it all by myself. *grin*