Friday, April 22, 2005

Missing body parts & odds and ends

Well, my dentist appointment the other day could have gone much worse. I didn't see the same dentist that I saw the first time, and the woman I saw this time was determined to do a very complex filling where the first dentist was sure she'd need to do a root canal. So my 2/3 of a tooth became 1/3 of a tooth, and then she built it up again to full tooth size. I have no idea how she did it, but she did! Then, apparantly, she took out a couple of my old silver fillings and put in the "new" handy-dandy white ones. I didn't know she did that until I got home and looked. LOL All told, we spent about $420 less out-of-pocket than we were expecting to, though, so I'm not complaining! My jaw is still a little tender, and the thingie they used to hold my cheek out of the way cut into my cheek pretty bad, but other than that, there wasn't any pain. Woohoo!

The cat went in for his surgery yesterday. He was none-too-happy about being put in his crate, and it only got worse from there. I made Tai take him - I didn't have the heart for it. Poor kitty! He came home about 4:30 yesterday, meowed at me once, then ran upstairs to hide in my closet. I went up after dinner to see if he wanted company, and he curled up next to me and just shuddered for 20 minutes. I don't know if that was the aftereffects of the anesthesia, or if he was in pain. The vet didn't give us anything for him for pain. :( Mean old vet! He seemed to liven up a bit by the end of the evening. He was certainly very talkative. He still is. Everytime he sees me, he meows a few times. I think he's saying, "Mama, you won't believe what they did to me!" Poor, poor kitty!

I need to finish cleaning the house, since my parents will be here tomorrow! There isn't too much left to do, really...clean the desk, mop the kitchen floor, and shampoo 1/2 of the living room carpet. All told, that's not bad at all.

Ah, before I forget...Darcy's quip of the day: Mama, did you see where that hopgrasser went? *grin*