Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Let's talk about sex, baby!

Oh yeah, it's that time. Over the weekend, Tai and I had "The Talk" with Alex. He's only ten, and hopefully we won't have to really worry about this stuff for another six or seven or twenty-five years. But in this day and age, we decided that there were things he needed to know at the ripe old age of ten. So Talk we did. And did. And did.

We talked about correct names for male and female body parts. We talked about hormones. We talked about intercourse. We talked about oral sex. We talked about manual stimulation. We talked about masturbation. We talked about pregnancy, parental responsibilities, STDs, respect, rape, statuatory rape, and being tested. We talked about abstinance and waiting, and we talked about condoms.

Heavy stuff for a ten year old? Yep. Necessary? Absolutely. While I would love to have my child remain innocent until he's 38, it's just not going to happen. And I don't want a simple mistake on his part to be a death sentence.