Friday, March 04, 2005

Questions? Suggestions?

Dear Internet,
I'm tired. Six days of the boys being home 24/7, followed by 2+ days of attempting to get my house in order after having them here all the time has wiped me out. My ears are tired. They're tired of hearing, "Mommmmmmm" and "Mamaaaaaaa" and "Mommyyyyyy" and all other forms of my "name." They're tired of hearing, "He hit me!" and "She won't let me see the TV!" And they're tired of hearing, "Can I..." and "I want..." and "Why won't you let me..." These are the things that are rattling through my brain, even as I sleep.

So I need something from you. (HELP!) I need suggestions for blog topics. You can ask me questions - just stuff you'd like to know about me or my opinion. You can give me a plain old topic and hope I run with it. You can ask me for a story about _____, and if I have one, I will share it. My brain is dead, and I need you all, dear Internet, to help jump start it. Please?