Tuesday, March 08, 2005

The great, the better, the sucky, the woohoo, and the whew!

Great: I bought a new food processor (my first!) the other day. I've been having fun using it. I discovered last night that there are advantages to buying all of these fresh herbs for the bunny to snack on. I can cook with them, too. LOL I made bruschetta, and a chicken and pasta dish with fresh basil, oregano, green onion, and tomato last night for dinner - without a recipe to work from. Let's just say I was quite pleased with myself. :) It was good stuff.

Better: The boys brought home their interim reports yesterday. Perrin is consistently meeting all expectations! Even in behavior! Alex has always done well in school until this last quarter. He got a C in reading. Not because he doesn't read well - he's a fourth grader with a high school reading level - but because he is too lazy to write down enough of an answer for the teacher to know for sure he understands what he reads. So we've been working on his writing strategies and overcoming laziness. He's brought the C up to a B thus far. Yay!

Sucky: We had a bit of an accident last night. It involved Perrin, his bicycle handlebars, two neighbors' cars, and a spacial relations issue. Yep, he tried to drive between two cars that were too close together for him to fit. And the rubber handlebar covers? Uhm, well, he's torn them all to hell. So he scratched both cars. Actually, he scratched the heck out of one of them. The door AND the body of the car. The other one isn't so bad. Oh, and the one that is scratched all to hell? It belongs to a neighbor who already doesn't like Perrin. She's also the neighbor whose porch Perrin decided to PRETEND he was UNCONSCIOUS on. So she and her husband are the ones that called 911. Oh yeah, we're making big points with these people.

Woohoo: Perrin didn't run away when he scratched the cars. He stayed. He said, "I did that. It was an accident. I'm very sorry." You have no idea how big that is. That's so big it's HUGE. He took responsibility! He didn't hide! He didn't run away! I told him how proud I was of him for that.

Whew: Thank God for insurance. Insurance saved our butts (to the tune of $1250 or something) when Perrin faked unconsciousness, and it is saving our butts again for the car damage. Our renter's insurance covers it. Can you hear my big sigh of relief?