Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Anatomy confusion

Somehow, it seems I've developed a stomachache in my head. No, I swear, it's true! And just the other day, I had a headache in my stomach. I'm not sure I can describe the difference, but there is one. It probably doesn't make sense to most of you, but that's ok. I've also recently had a foot cramp in my ear. You know the kind of acute pain that causes you to want to bend your toes RIGHT NOW or it feels like your foot will break in two? Well, that's how the top of my ear felt.

So I got over the bout of flu I'd run into over spring break...during that time, I was just exhausted, feverish, and sore, really. My throat didn't quite hurt. My nose didn't quite run. My head didn't quite throb. It was the most asymptomatic flu I've ever had, I think. It never made it to my stomach. I was fine by the weekend.

And then came Monday. It hit my stomach with full force, and it's still got control. I have no fever, but I've got the chills. I'm shaking, and it's hard for me to even just sit for long periods. And I went through an entire double-roll of Charmin nearly by myself between noon and 8PM yesterday. (TMI? Sorry!) This morning, I woke up and felt no better.

Oh well. At least I don't have a foot cramp in my ear.